INRAE ​​publishes its activity report for 2021

INRAE ​​publishes its activity report for 2021

“As a targeted research organization and a world leader in research related to the agriculture, food and environment chain, our institute has reasonably high expectations. That is The daily commitment of the 12,000 women and men in our group Which allows scientific advances and new solutions to meet the challenge of multi-performance agriculture, quality food and the sustainable management of resources and ecosystems on a global scale.

To best assume this heavy responsibility and optimize our human and financial resources, we have implemented An operational version of INRAE ​​2030 With the design of roadmaps for each of our major scientific priorities and public policy directions. And so the action plans were set this year, at the service of innovation, open science, scientific data, European and international partnership, human resource management, higher education and training. Communications, Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR). In the latter case, a department has been created dedicated to achieving our goals, making INRAE ​​the leading French research organization in this field. In our scientific fields, 14 new strategic department plans have been developed that define our scientific directions. With the promotion of interdisciplinarity, they plan and prioritize our business over the next five years.

In the area of ​​innovationWe are pleased with some great achievements such as the development of a nasal vaccine against Covid-19 which is in clinical trial, the establishment of 6 startups in the fields of nutrition, environmental toxicology, soil health and seed improvement, and the launch of 5 laboratory partnerships associated with technical institutes and SMEs or companies Emerging, marking the V Carnot Institute. »

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