Influence in the US Senate: Republicans Beat the Democrats Hard

Influence in the US Senate: Republicans Beat the Democrats Hard

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Republicans push out Democrats aggressively

In Washington, Democrats are trying by all means to go ahead with a new Corona rescue package. Republicans are equally intent on preventing this. Strange scenes take place in the Senate.

US Republicans are doing everything they can to delay the Senate approval of President Joe Biden’s $ 1 billion coronavirus aid package. Vice President Kamala Harris had to cast her vote in order to allow the debate to begin. In response, Republican Senator Ron Johnson demanded that the 628-page legislative text be read in full.

The registrar triggered the “Bailout 2021, Chapter 1”. Agriculture, Food and Forestry Commission. Then employees spent hours reading the text of the law in a monotone voice. Only then does the actual discussion begin, which can last for several days. Several amendments were introduced, each of which must be voted separately. This can extend the process even further.

“Regardless of how long the Senate will continue to meet to start the law this week,” said Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The US House of Representatives had already approved the bailout plan last weekend, with the votes of Democrats.

The Republican package is too big

The package includes checks for $ 1,400 for millions of citizens. In addition, $ 160 billion has been earmarked for Corona vaccinations, testing and health workers, $ 130 billion for safely reopening schools, and $ 350 billion for aid to cities and states, among other things.

Republicans criticize the proposed measures as being too costly and insufficiently targeted. Much of it is being devoted to purposes unrelated to the pandemic. Democrats argue, however, that the time to revive the US economy is becoming increasingly scarce, and thus a swift adoption of the aid package is essential. The White House also stressed that the proposed measures also create tools for dealing with future health crises. In terms of the number of injuries and deaths, the United States is the country most affected by the Corona pandemic.

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