In Tunisia, lawyers went on strike to protest the violent arrest of their colleague Sonia Dahmani

In Tunisia, lawyers went on strike to protest the violent arrest of their colleague Sonia Dahmani

Tunisian lawyers organized a strike on Monday (May 13) in all the country's courts to protest the arrest of one of their colleagues at the union's headquarters, according to what was reported by the National Union of Lawyers in Tunisia. “The strike is respected 100%.”Al-Arousi Al-Zaghir, head of the Bar Association branch in the capital, told the press.

This mobilization came after the forced arrest, on Saturday evening, of the lawyer and writer Sonia Dahmani at the headquarters of the National Employment Office in Tunisia, where she took refuge after being summoned before the court because of her statements on television.

During a program broadcast on May 7, MI Al-Dahmani spoke in a sarcastic tone “What exceptional country are we talking about?”, in response to another columnist who had just mentioned that migrants from several sub-Saharan African countries are seeking to settle in Tunisia. The investigating judge issued an order to deposit MI Her lawyer, Dalila Mosaddeq, said that Al-Dahmani was not interviewed. “The judge found that the conditions inside the court were not suitable for holding this hearing.”The lawyer added.

Two other columnists were arrested

denunciation a “The judiciary is under orders”Dozens of lawyers demonstrated this morning in front of the same court – the Court of First Instance – to demand his release “direct” From mI Al-Dahmani told reporters at Agence France-Presse.

On Saturday, plainclothes police officers wearing masks entered the headquarters of the National Workers' Office in Tunis, and attacked lawyers and journalists before arresting Mr.I Al-Dahmani, according to videos and testimonies. According to her lawyer, the columnist is under special investigation in connection with the radio “False information intended to harm public safety” And “Incitement to hate speech”Pursuant to Decree Law No. 54.

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This decree, issued in September 2022 by President Kais Saied, punishes anyone who uses information and communications networks to… “Write, produce, distribute [ou] Spreading fake news (…) With the aim of violating the rights of others or harming public safety.”.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, two other well-known columnists were also arrested under this provision, due to their statements in the media. The investigating judge extended the period of pretrial detention for forty-eight hours.

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