In Trégor, Armorscience wants to bring science closer to the citizens - Pleumeur-Bodou

In Trégor, Armorscience wants to bring science closer to the citizens – Pleumeur-Bodou

The Armorscience Society, which has about a hundred members, held its public meeting on Saturday, April 9, at the Phoenix Center. In his ethics report, outgoing president Michel Trio emphasized a “chaotic year due to Covid-19”, an epidemic that forced the association to adapt to the default situation, especially for thematic conferences, before returning in person.

Despite these limitations, Armorscience has been able to hold numerous exhibitions and events, particularly around the marine environment. The association’s website, which was created in 2010 and is “heavy to manage”, has also been revamped and now has a more comfortable and accessible interface.

How to improve the distribution?

For the coming year, Armorscience plans to expand the scope of its activities, always with “interest in bringing science as close as possible to citizens”. The conferences and exhibitions will affect the entire LTC grounds and will be presented face-to-face and video.

The project will continue with IUT Lannion’s Multimedia and Internet Division (MMI), which is currently in the audit phase, to make recommendations aimed at improving connectivity at Armorscience. After Michel Trieu wished to withdraw, Michel Hignett was elected president. He will be supported by Vice-Presidents Jean-Marie Husson, Michele Baudin and Catherine Esno; Michel Oren, Treasurer; François Delablas, deputy; Pierre Dagorn, secretary; Deputy Hervey Sison. Pierre Lavanant joined the Board of Directors.

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