In these countries, new X (Twitter) users must pay to post messages

In these countries, new X (Twitter) users must pay to post messages

Another change. Elon Musk’s platform The social network, which has been owned by the eccentric billionaire since last year, said in a statement that the change aims to “strengthen” the existing policy aimed at reducing spam (unwanted messages) as well as “Manipulating our platform And bot activity“.

New users from the Philippines and New Zealand will have to pay approximately US$0.75 and US$0.85 respectively each year to access basic network functions. Those who refuse to pay these amounts will be able to access the platform’s “only” “reading” function, i.e. watching videos or following accounts.

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“Fighting robots”

Regard “To evaluate a potentially powerful measure to help us fight bots and spammers on X, balancing accessibility of the platform with a low amount of fees», adds the network. Users already registered in the two countries concerned are not affected by this measure. Since his acquisition of Twitter at the end of October 2022 for $44 billion, Elon Musk has made a series of controversial changes within the teams and in the products offered.

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