In the UK, four days of weightlessness to celebrate the Queen

In the UK, four days of weightlessness to celebrate the Queen

By Cecile Ducourteau and Eric Albert

Posted today at 7:27 PM, updated at 9:03 PM.

thousands of Street party, surprise Paddington Bear visit to Buckingham Palace, two smiles on the balcony, a salute galore: The UK has just gone through four days of weightlessness, entirely dedicated to its platinum jubilee to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II. And in a thank-you letter published on the evening of Sunday, June 5, the latter confirmed staying “Designed to Service” the British” to the best [ses] capacity, supported by [sa] family. “I was so touched that so many people took to the streets to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.”She said.

The festivities represented a rare moment of patriotic company, hardly disturbed by the gloomy weather, family affairs between Windsor or politics. They finished on Sunday with a massive parade between Westminster and Buckingham Palace relive the life of the most enduring sovereign the country has ever known, blending military pomp with British humor and eccentricity.

Crowds gather outside Buckingham Palace, Sunday, June 5, 2022, in London.
During the Trooping the Color parade, near Buckingham Palace, in London, on June 2, 2022.

During these festivities, the Queen will only appear three times, including two on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, on June 2 at the end of the military parade of the Colored Forces and on Sunday at the end of the parade. She was also seen lighting torches at Windsor Castle. But his relative absence did not disturb the party. It even added to popular sentiment, as the British realized that this jubilee might be the last for Elizabeth II. At the height of her popularity, the 96-year-old queen hasn’t appeared in public since the fall, due to Mobility problems »According to Buckingham Palace.

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Her absence came to light on Friday during a religious ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral, which the king was very keen on, according to commentators from the royal family. The Queen is a devout woman but she is also the supreme ruler of the Church of England. Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York, who celebrated the celebration, found an elegant way to greet the King, referring to his passion for horses: Your Majesty, we’re sorry you’re not with us this morning, but we’re very glad you’re still in the saddle. We are all glad there is more to come. »

“We will never have a queen like this again.”

On Sunday, to make up for the Queen’s absence, organizers of the big show displayed a hologram of her on the curtains of the Gold State Coach, the golden chariot used at the coronation, exceptionally well. The Queen also appeared surprisingly and funny in a video released during the concert at Buckingham Palace on Saturday. She had tea there with another national icon, Paddington Bear, and reveals that she’s hiding just like him “for later” A jam sandwich in the black purse you never leave. “You laugh and cry with us, and above all, you have been here for us for seventy years,” Prince Charles, her eldest son and future king, said in a speech on Saturday, mixing homages to his mother and the monarch who is considered by many to be the “grandmother” of the nation.

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