In the UK, a proposal to increase wages for health professions

In the UK, a proposal to increase wages for health professions

On Thursday, March 16, the British government proposed to increase the salaries of several categories of agents of the public health system. This proposal, supported by some unions, could end several months of strikes in England. she “Includes a salary increase for the year 2022-2023 and a salary agreement for the year 2023-2024”according to the government.

In a press release signed by the latter, the body responsible for wages within the public health system, the National Health Service (NHS), and members of staff unions, has been identified as follows: “Both sides consider this to be a fair and reasonable settlement that recognizes the dedication of NHS staff, as well as the broader economic pressures facing the UK.”

More than a million NHS workers in England will receive an additional pay rise. »

Relevant employees will receive an additional 2% bonus on their bonuses for the current financial year (April 2022 – April 2023), in addition to the 4% increase first determined. They will also receive a single payment, the amount of which will depend on their seniority, but will be at least £1,250 (€1,425). Finally, salaries for the next year (April 2023 – April 2024) will increase by 5%.

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“It’s not a panacea, but it’s tangible progress.”

The various federations involved in the negotiations must now put this proposal to a vote by their members. Unite has already announced this “I do not recommend” its members to accept it. On the contrary, the RCN Nurses Union announced in a press release that it It will recommend its members to vote to approve this proposal.. “It’s not a panacea, but it’s tangible progress.”estimated its general secretary, Pat Cullen.

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Hospital doctors, who went on strike this week and were not involved in negotiations, are not included in the motion. Nurses and other health workers have called for months of pay increases to deal with double-digit inflation in the country. Nurses have gone on strike several times since December, the first in over a hundred years.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak welcomed the proposalcalled “sustainable for taxpayers” And let the government “To keep my promise to bring down inflation”. “We took a sensible approach from the start.”He added, in response to criticism from the opposition and trade unions regarding “Procrastination and time spent” To find a solution led to many strikes in the country. They have further disrupted the health service, which has already been affected by the consequences of the pandemic and staff shortages.

A day after the government presented the budget, Health Secretary Steve Barclay did not say how the wage increase would be funded, but told British media it would not lead to savings. “treat patients”.

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