In the trial of Donald Trump: Prosecutors condemn the “criminal conspiracy to rig the 2016 presidential election”

In the trial of Donald Trump: Prosecutors condemn the “criminal conspiracy to rig the 2016 presidential election”

The second week of the former US President's trial opened on Monday, alternating between interventions of a very angry accusation and the defendant's lawyer, who says that he is “completely innocent.”


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Donald Trump speaks to the media as he leaves the court in New York (USA), April 22, 2024. (POOL / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP)

“criminal conspiracy”, “Electoral fraud”And the lies and the cover-ups… On the first day of the second week of Donald Trump's historic trial, Monday, April 22, prosecutors did not mince their words. The former President of the United States appears In a Manhattan court In the case of hidden payments aimed at buying the silence of a former pornographic film actress, ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

The prosecution confirmed that the billionaire Republican “Organized a criminal conspiracy to rig the 2016 presidential election.” then “He lied on accounting documents, over and over again.”l “Hide”. Donald Trump is charged with 34 counts of falsifying Trump Organization accounting documents. “It is electoral fraud, plain and simple.”said prosecutor Matthew Colangelo, under the eyes of the 12 jurors.

According to the prosecution, these forgeries made it possible to hide a later trace, under a cover “Legal fees”Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid $130,000 to former actress Stormy Daniels, just before the 2016 elections, and the money was used to buy the actress' silence about a sexual relationship that occurred ten years ago while the Republican billionaire was married. Donald Trump has always denied any affair with Stormy Daniels.

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“There is nothing illegal,” according to his lawyer

“Where is the crime in everything described to you?” Donald Trump's lawyer, Todd Blanche, criticized the accusation. Qualifying fees “Pieces of paper, nothing else.”He replied that his client had nothing to do “With these 34 papers, other than that he signed them while he was in the White House, while he was running the country.”.

“I'll teach you something.”Todd Blanche continued. “There is nothing illegal about trying to influence elections. This is called democracy.” According to him, so is Donald Trump “completely innocent”. The Republican presidential candidate arrived in court in condemnation “witch hunt” A political process carried out from the White House.

“This is a very sad day for America.”“, he said before entering the courtroom. Donald Trump slams a blank file and condemns political persecution by mounting insults against Judge Juan Merchan and Attorney General Alvin Bragg. Prosecutors also asked the judge to punish him for violating a ban on attacking witnesses and jurors: That question will be discussed on Tuesday.

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