In the secret village of Auris, the "Little Mecca for the New Age" movement

In the secret village of Auris, the “Little Mecca for the New Age” movement

Villages under control (1/4) The inhabitants of this town in the High Alps cultivate an ecological utopia on the borders of sectarianism.

Eourres’ Special Envoy,

Are you talking about sects?We spotted Julian *looks like a journalist from 10km away. This 40-year-old dad didn’t know what to do between noon and the clock, well, here we go. He welcomes us in his chair planted on his wooden balcony among the trees. His house, still under construction, achieves the feat of being far from the path of the small village of Euris (Hautes-Alpes), which itself is already far from civilization. Here, Samu takes an hour to come. The nearest train station and supermarket are a 45-minute drive away.

In an endless time of feedback from his camp on the carbon footprint, but here our interviewer decided to settle, a committed activist at the LFI, who has been a beneficiary of RSA for a few months. Originally from Evelyn, this utopia,”off stage” with “our societyHe wanted to live in an environmentalternativeHe found what he was looking for in this small rural and agricultural community, located…

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