In the middle of a heart attack, his life is saved by… his watch

In the middle of a heart attack, his life is saved by… his watch

Last Saturday, a 44-year-old Canadian firefighter was subjected to a terrifying experience that could have cost him his life, he said.
20 minutes. While playing with his son, he began to feel strange symptoms, which he initially thought were the flu or allergies. However, half an hour later, as he lay with his daughter, He noticed that his heart rate did not slow down.

Surprised, he glanced at his smartwatch, the Apple Watch, and found outHe was suffering from atrial fibrillationIt is a condition characterized by a rapid and irregular heartbeat. This immediate realization prompted him to go to the hospital immediately. “That's when they told me I might be having a heart attackHe said, still in shock.

“I think my watch may have detected the problem because…”

Upon his arrival to the hospital, the firefighter underwent a series of tests that revealed a complete blockage of one of the coronary arteries. The diagnosis stunned him, especially since he had been living a healthy lifestyle and had no family history of heart disease.. Convinced that his response to the hospital consultation saved his life, he also emphasized the crucial role played by his Apple Watch.

I think my watch was able to detect the problem because I wear it often and thus was easily able to identify any abnormality compared to my usual heart rate“, It is to explain.

“These devices tend to…”

This certification is part of a growing trend:
More and more patients are arriving at emergency rooms guided by connected devices, such as smart watches or activity bracelets. It's a trend welcomed by cardiologists, who see it as a way to encourage people to seek consultation more quickly, even if they have mild symptoms.

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These devices tend to exaggerate situations to encourage people to consult, rather than the other way around“, explains the cardiologist from QEII Hospital in Halifax (Canada). “However, the data collected can serve as a basis for initial treatment before specialists use the techniques at their disposal to establish a reliable diagnosis.

The connected watch, a valuable ally

If a Canadian firefighter's Apple Watch saved his life,
It is important to remember that these devices in no way replace the advice of a doctor. They should be considered complementary tools that allow you to monitor your health condition and be more attentive to the signals sent by your body.

If worrying symptoms appear, It is always necessary to consult a doctor To obtain an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. However, this story highlights the undeniable potential of connected technologies in healthcare. They can become valuable allies in helping us understand our bodies better and respond quickly to critical situations.

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