In Senegal, Ousmane Sonko's lawyers and relatives are preparing a response

In Senegal, Ousmane Sonko's lawyers and relatives are preparing a response

After two new setbacks this week – a six-month prison sentence for defamation and the Constitutional Council's refusal to examine his candidacy – the jailed opponent's allies are considering all possible solutions. For them, their candidate is not out of the game yet.

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With our correspondent in Dakar. Juliette Dubois

Ousmane Sonko's lawyers have already announced a case against The Constitutional Council refused to study his application file In the presidential elections next February, considering that they will not be complete. The Council did not indicate which parts were incompatible. This could be their sponsorship form or their certificate of deposit with the Caisse de dépôt et consignations.

Regarding the Supreme Court's decision on Thursday that confirmed his six-month suspended prison sentence for defamation, which will disqualify him, the opposing lawyers planned to submit an application to the court, that is, a request to cancel the decision. For official reasons. Either way, Ousmane Sonko's lawyers are waiting to be formally notified of the decisions to begin their claims next week.

Despite these two major setbacks, the former opposition party, Pastev, remains rallied behind its leader. If he is completely excluded from the presidential race, the alternative plan will always be Berami Souley Diop, who is also behind bars.

In recent days, the media has been talking about Plan CThis was done in the person of former Minister Habib Sy, sponsored by deputies from the former Basif. Malik Ndiaye, spokesman for the dissolved party, answers that this is not the case. The idea is simply to increase the number of applications submitted by members of the opposition Yowe Housing Way coalition for a candidate to face the presidential movement on February 25. Ousmane Sonko remains their candidate.” To the station “.

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