In Senegal, Macky Sall promised to leave power, but without setting a date for elections

In Senegal, Macky Sall promised to leave power, but without setting a date for elections

Expected since his impromptu and disputed announcement on February 3 to postpone the presidential elections in Senegal, Macky Sall came to provide clarity on his future, but without removing doubts about the date of the vote that will appoint his successor. “I intend to stop this assignment, and therefore after April 2, I intend to leave my duties as President of the Republic.”He first wanted to reassure the Senegalese president, Thursday, February 22, after being interrogated by local journalists, while part of the opposition accused him of wanting to extend his rule, which lasted for twelve years.

On the other hand, the Head of State confirmed his announcement of withdrawal from the presidency at the end of his term, and absolved himself of the responsibility of setting a date for holding the presidential elections. A week before that, the Constitutional Council, after nullifying the postponement of the vote to December 15, which was voted on by the National Assembly, but noted the impossibility of holding it on the initial date of February 25, nevertheless, the Council called ” special Authorities “ To set a new deadline ” As soon as possible “. Macky Sale committed the next day to “For full implementation” Decision of the seven judges.

But the President of the Republic, instead of making the decision alone, is relying on the dialogue scheduled for February 26 and 27, to find a way out of the crisis generated by his announcement of postponement. The invitation is directed to candidates selected and rejected by the Constitutional Council, political parties, unions, civil and religious society.

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Even the presence of opposition figure Ousmane Sonko and his replacement candidate, Basseru Diomaye Faye, both in detention, now seems possible. “I have no objection” Upon Mr. Sonko's release, the Head of State noted. “I am willing to go this far so that everyone benefits from this amnesty and Senegal goes to these elections in a peaceful way.”, He said. As for Passero Diomai Faye, Macky Sall confirmed that temporary release could be granted before the amnesty law is adopted.

Elections “before or after April 2”

The guest list is large, however “There are a few topics to deal with: When is the election? What should we do after April 2? »The Head of State summed up the matter, leaving the door open for a vote that could be held “Before or after April 2”.

“Once there is this consensus, He completedI will immediately issue a decree convening the Electoral College. If no consensus is found, I will resubmit everyone To the Constitutional Council, which will provide advice. » It is possible that the issue of extending his duties after the end of his term may arise, as Article 36 of the Constitution, which he cited twice, stipulates that: “The current President of the Republic shall remain in office until his successor is inaugurated.”.

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