In Runan, the intergenerational entertainment space is a topic of debate – Runan

In Runan, the intergenerational entertainment space is a topic of debate – Runan

Ronan Municipal Council met on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Mayor Yvonne Le Piannick.

2020 accounts. Expenses incurred during operation amounted to 202,534 euros and revenues 259,159 euros, resulting in a surplus of 56,625 euros. In investment, $ 235,903 in expenses, versus $ 132,152 in revenue. These accounts were approved unanimously

Tax rate 2021. The mayor suggests (approved unanimously) not to amend the rates of built-up land (in addition to the district portion), or un-built land.

2021 budget. The operating department is financially balanced in expenses and revenues at € 264,300. In expenses, we note 68,700 euros in personnel costs. A transfer of 40,410 € has been made to the investment division, which finds a balance of € 245.975. Expenses include: 35,000 euros for the church tower and 35,000 euros for the intergenerational entertainment area (city park, children’s play area). This point gave rise to divergent exchanges between the majority group and the three elected members of the opposition. The latter, considering that it lacked details. The mayor has finally given his approval for a business meeting soon, in order to improve this project.

After a majority vote (minus two members, one abstention and one vote against), the original budget for 2021 was approved.


– The budget for the subdivision “Les Hortensias” (where there are three plots for sale) has been approved. Christophe Le Bihan indicated that it would be wise to make this subdivision more attractive by setting up plantations.

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Bruded membership for 2021 is € 75.60.

– A tree is cut near the multi-purpose room.

The contribution to the running costs of Saint-Joseph de Pontrieux is € 456 for one Runan student at the primary level and € 1,388 for another kindergarten student.

Board approval to renew the cash line (€ 50,000) with Crédit Agricole.

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