In Portugal, the socialist government abandoned its leftist allies

In Portugal, the socialist government abandoned its leftist allies

As a result of the divorce between Portugal’s left-wing parties, the unexpected rejection of the 2022 Finance Bill on Wednesday, October 27, should mark the early end of Antonio Costa’s socialist government. The process of calling for early elections has already begun.

President of the Republic, Coordinator: Marcelo Rebelo de SousaHe met, on Wednesday evening, the Speaker of the House of Representatives. “If the council is not in a position to adopt a basic budget for the country, it would be positive to give a voice to the Portuguese,” The head of state insisted. After a meeting with social actors, Friday, a meeting with the leaders of the parties that have representation in the Assembly, Saturday, and then the call of the Council of State, Wednesday 3 November, Mr. Rebelo de Sousa must proceed, except for the surprise, upon the official dissolution of the two Houses. Early elections could then be held in January 2022. A few weeks ago, no one would have imagined that such a political crisis would shake Portugal.

On Wednesday, the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) and the radical left party Bloco de Esquerda (BE) abandoned socialist Antonio Costa and voted, along with right- and far-right parties, against the finance bill. The text received only a favorable vote of the 108 Socialist deputies (out of 230 seats). With 117 votes against and five abstentions – these three MPs from PAN Animal Defenders and Environmentalists and two unrelated MPs – the request was rejected. The first since the emergence of democracy in Portugal.

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“Associating the budget crisis with an unprecedented health crisis is the most irresponsible thing, and it has real consequences for people’s lives and the future of the country,” Ines Souza Real, leader of the National Action Party, protested. Opposition does not mean being against everything. “

The leader of the main opposition party, the Social Democratic Party (PSD, centre-right), Roy Rio has criticized, and accused, the socialist economic model. “Reliance on the Radical Left”. For its part, the left criticized the government for its lack of ambition in social affairs. The PCP in particular has demanded a sharp increase in the minimum wage, rising from the current 665 per month to 850 euros, in order to meet “national emergency”, According to communist leader Jerónimo de Sousa. The government proposed a gradual increase to €705 in 2022 and €750 in 2023, an offer deemed insufficient by the Pakistan Communist Party. Just like the planned €10 increase in pensions.

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