In Porirua, New Zealand, residents were upset by Celine Dion’s music

In Porirua, New Zealand, residents were upset by Celine Dion’s music

Speaker battles on cars and screams My heart will go on By Celine Dion Sowing discord in a small New Zealand town.

Celine Dion’s music is driving the people of Porirua, New Zealand, crazy. Well, that’s not exactly Celine Dion’s music, that’s the use some people have of it. My heart will go on y It is actually used to “battle” car speakers, which causes tensions with local residents, according to what was reported. guardian And BBC News.

Enthusiasts gather in parking lots in their cars equipped with dozens of sirens, and participate in competitions over loudspeakers, most notably with Celine Dion. Lots of treble, little bass, that’s what makes a Quebecois singer’s repertoire, and in particular a song TitanicIt is very popular among fans of such “fights”.

“Celine Dion is popular because it’s a very pure song. We try to use music that has high, clear treble and doesn’t have a lot of bass,” explained Paul List, one of the founders of the group that organizes Mermaid. Battles in Auckland for New Zealand media Spinoff

“sharp noise”

Porirua residents, who are prevented from sleeping by these practices, asked the authorities to intervene. They also launched a petition that has collected quite a few signatures (262 so far).

“They play half a song and set it on their device to make a loud noise, so it doesn’t feel like you’re listening to good music,” says Mayor Anita Baker.

The mayor continued that these battles, which previously took place in industrial areas, where Celine Dion could scream without disturbing anyone, have recently taken over the city center.

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Fans of these mermaid battles have also created a musical style, “Siren Jams”, including a song that went viral a few years ago on TikTok, lax (siren) By young New Zealander Jawsh 685, whose instrument Jason Derulo used in his song Brutal love. Remember the subculture Spinoff Which uses remixes of reggae music with loud vocals, and where Celine Dion also takes her place.

Mermaid competition enthusiasts require a quiet place to be able to practice.

“In reality, everyone has a hobby, and although ours can be quite annoying and we realize how influential it is, we just want to have our own safe space, away from people, to practice it,” explains someone in the SpinOff columns.

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