À Nuits, des bénévoles se sont mobilisés pour rénover les locaux du rugby, qui étaient en piteux état

In Nuits, volunteers mobilized to renovate the rugby buildings, which were in poor condition

At Nuits, volunteering and solidarity have meaning. “This is the DNA of the village,” says Mayor Jean-Louis Gonon. Once it is necessary to lend a helping hand, the municipality can count on dozens of people. This is still true around the rugby field.

Since the rugby club has slowed, its buildings have been abandoned. The old locker rooms and club were vandalized.

“We had a lot of good times here”

“All the windows were shattered, part of the walls fell, even a fire broke out,” says Joel Cohen, the club’s founder. There were two possibilities: demolish the building or roll up your sleeves. “

to shave? Unthinkable for those who have known the glory days of local rugby. As a reminder, the Nuits Club was at the heart of the children’s world rugby league that was organized with clubs Montbard and Vénarey, under the MNV Bourgogne brand. These tournaments were held in 1991, 1993, 1997, 2000 and 2004 and saw youth teams from five continents compete. Over 800 teens in each edition. Unique moments with Hakka for New Zealand youth under the positions of Nuits, National Anthems or the arrival of Mary George Buffett, Minister of Sports at the time, in 1997.

The decision to renew was made with the municipality in mid-August. Volunteers immediately started work. Retirees, ex-rugby players, retired craftspeople and youths who participated in a world championship responded. “We had such a good time here that it’s a fair turn of events,” notes Guy, who is a volunteer.

cultivated grass
in spring

For the material, Joel Cohen brought up the “rugby network” as he always knew how to do it. “Many companies are partners in the project and are helping us,” Chief Ramzy notes.

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Within a few weeks, the building was completely reassembled and secured. “Now we’ll attack inland. Next spring, we’ll replant the grass on the ground. The village children and schools will be back in their playground. And since MNV still exists and Joel Cohen is its honorary president, you never know what adventure the volunteers might take. In 2019 A delegation of young Fijian players arrived in the region to participate in an international tournament named after Daniel Galle, who was a partner of Joel Cohen at the helm of MNV. They can give you ideas.

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