In North Korea, Kim Jong Un’s party does not receive 100% in local elections

In North Korea, Kim Jong Un’s party does not receive 100% in local elections

The communist dictatorship’s official media also reported a slight decline in the participation rate.

For the first time since the early 1960s, the votes of defectors from North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party were registered in the local elections, which took place on Sunday, November 26. “Among the voters who participated in the ballot, 99.91% voted for the candidates of the popular councils in the provinces.” And “99.87% voted for City and County Assembly candidates”indicated Tuesday, November 28The official news agency of the regime KCNA.

Through this ridiculous process of communication and transparency, the pariah state, led with an iron fist by General Secretary of the Workers’ Party Kim Jong Un, is trying to… “To strengthen [sa] Legitimacy and [son] “Authenticity on the world stage”analyzes the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada In a report. “This approach goes beyond domestic political restructuring and extends to international narrative building, seeking to reshape perceptions of North Korea as a progressive, if misunderstood, nation.”continues the think tank.

Green jar, red jar

To vote, voters had the option of placing their ballot in two ballot boxes. And green to approve the party’s candidate. Another, red, to reject. “Voters who are elderly or ill voted in mobile ballot boxes.”Adds the press device to the system. They therefore voted 0.09% and 0.13% respectively against the selected candidates for the provincial and municipal councils.

When announcing the election results, the official media of the communist dictatorship announced that the turnout in the elections reached 99.63% – in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, participation is mandatory… “Those who were unable to participate in the vote because they were on a tour abroad or working in the oceans amounted to 0.37%, and those who abstained from voting amounted to 0.000078%.”“, writes KNCA. This is lower than in 2019 when the latter reached 99.98%, Reuters note.

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Several candidates selected by the party

According to an anonymous South Korean Unification Ministry official Korea Times the communist regime ‘It could have been manipulated’ Participation number “In order to give the impression that the elections were free elections”. For the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, “This decline could rather indicate a slight weakening of state control.”. “In response, the authorities could intensify internal surveillance by tracking absentees and unauthorized travelers.”The report adds.

These elections are held every four years, and are the first since the country revised its electoral law in August 2023 to allow multiple candidates to run. But the latter are carefully selected by the ruling party. At the end of voting, 27,858 “Workers, peasants, intellectuals and civil servants became representatives.” Of the various associations, KNCA reports.

Electoral simulation

This electoral simulation is merely a formality, resembling a great national celebration. A video of the world’s youngest dictator arriving at the Ryongsong complex in the town of Hamhung, to vote, spread on social media, to the coordinated chants of his citizens.

“When respected comrade Kim Jong Un arrived at the voting booth, the complex workers were happy to see him at their workplace on this important election day… The complex workers and residents of Hamhung City were filled with intense enthusiasm to fulfill their civic duty.”, KNCA reports. The next national elections are scheduled to be held this time in March 2024.

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