In New Zealand, we set sail for the first 100% electric ferry

In New Zealand, we set sail for the first 100% electric ferry

By the end of the first quarter of 2022, in new ZelandTrading is expected to start on The first 100% electric ferry. the ship flying fish It’s the first of its kind And it brings with it a wonderful air of modernity to sea transportation, making it trend towards a Zero future effect Which, just like ground transportation, could soon lead to that Replacement of boats with heat-sucking engines.

Speed ​​of 20 knots and 15 feet of reloading

Eka Riri is capable of carrying 132 passengers, Operating for the East via the West Ferry Fleet at Wellington Port, It has a length of 19 meters and can travel at a speed of 20 knots. The goal is to reduce emissions thanks to a truly innovative and clean charging system at the same time. Inside, of course, there are no fuel engines but only batteries.

The recharging system is activated when the ferry stops on the quay (A round trip of about 25 km up and down from the neighboring islands is expected), during the disembarkation and ascent of the passengers, they are sufficient 15 minutes: One shipment allows one trip and the other back. motor is Danfoss Editron كهربائي electric motorwith Xalt . Battery. flying fish It is the first of a series of ferries that the New Zealand government intends to produce to gradually replace with fuel engines: traveling by sea using 100% electric boats will allow this It drops 640 tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year.

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