In New Zealand, we broadcast ‘Liberated Delivery’ or ‘Baby Shark’ to disperse protesters

The song “Freed Delivered” from “The Snow Queen” was broadcast in New Zealand in an attempt to disperse protesters. (© 2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved)

In New Zealand, protesters against health measures held firm on Sunday, February 13, 2022.

At first there was wind and rain and then a storm … Machine guns were triggered in the park in front of Parliament in Wellington, the capital, where the demonstrators had demonstrated, as reported by analyst Brice Edwards in particular Politics, on Twitter. corn Nothing happened.

So the police had a mildly…silly idea. Broadcast the music that comes to your mind that a lot of people say they hate: Bdad sharkthe most watched video in YouTube history, editor, loyalfrom the movie snow Queenwhich some parents no longer hear, You are beautifulby James Blunt, or macarenaFrom Los del Rios.

The result: this one, covered in mud and soaked with bone that prefers dance to jig.

The tweet, along with a video, “Liberated Delivered,” was played on Parliament Law. »

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This photo shows other protesters dancing to the rhythm of the Planetary Strike baby shark.

In this newspaper video BBC Newswe can see that the demonstrators even initiate synchronized choreographies.

This 15-minute playlist is peppered with informative messages about COVID-19 Trevor Mallard, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, explained on New Zealand radio RNZ, that it was broadcast on the episode “Even During the Night”.

According to her, approximately 1,000 people formed this crowd of protesters.

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non-violent response

If this method may surprise you, it is due to the fact that this event is inspired by Canadian Freedom Convoy Which has been going on since Tuesday 8 February 2022 was not 100% peaceful.

At first, Clashes Until it erupted between protesters and police.

Many streets are closedAnd the 122 people were arrested by the police,” the New Zealand newspaper reported NZ Herald.

So the police, in the following days, preferred to adopt a nonviolent response.

And if most of the protesters have now packed up and left Parliament Park in Wellington, there are still a few of them, this Tuesday, 15 February 2022, whom we are trying to get rid of by all means.

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