In New Zealand, there is controversy over inviting TJ Perenara to the All Blacks

In New Zealand, there is controversy over inviting TJ Perenara to the All Blacks

Ian Foster Confirm the list of players that will be available for all black in a Rugby Championship 2021. In the show The Breakdown of New Zealand, former players Jeff Wilson, Mills Molina and John Kirwan discuss having TJ Perinara.

In the first place, Perinara expressed his happiness to be called up again in the chosen team: “I am very excited to add minutes in the All Blacks. The league in Japan is tough, but it has another kind of intensity”

Former full-back Kirwan has stuck firmly to the position that the inclusion of half of the Scrum who played in Japan last season was a mistake: “I think he’s a great player, but I think his choice after returning to Japan… I don’t understand. Why would you leave Christie abroad”

This was where Molina didn’t match his fellow panelist: “In terms of intensity, I think he’ll be at a lower level, but I think the coaches know why they call him. It’s obviously the third half, and Webber was before. So that’s an analysis that was Coaches have to make it. What Christie does for them and what TJ Perenara does.”

In addition, Mills emphasized: “I think Perinara in terms of leadership in the group contributes a lot. For coaches Perinara is 3rd and Christy 4th, what made them call TJ? Having someone with experience in the team. I would prefer to have someone with that leadership, so valuable.” “.

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Finally, continuing the discussion, Kirwan was upfront about his opinion and asking: “I might be a dinosaur but why don’t they make him play other kinds of games before or in Maori All Blacks? Then he calls him the Rugby Tournament. What happens is that they’re going to test it on the All Blacks and it should be done.” Test before they are called, not during.”

Finally, he declared: “Your point Mills is now very good, how about winning the All Blacks shirt. I have nothing against TJ Perinara, but Christie won it. I repeat that TJ Perinara is very good for this level, but we haven’t seen him for a year “.

Before changing the topic, Wilson consulted the All Blacks Head coach about it and Foster replied, “He’s a key leader for us. We think he can maintain the pace we need. He’s athletic, very competitive. Christy had his chance too. I think we have very good options out there.” “.

In addition to TJ Perenara, the other two scrum half he will rely on for rugby are Aaron Smith and Brad Webber. While Christie relegated after playing the two games against Tonga and Fiji through the July window.

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