In New Zealand, some residents were so fed up with Celine Dion that they started a petition!

In New Zealand, some residents were so fed up with Celine Dion that they started a petition!

In Porirua, New Zealand, competition Siren King It attracts music lovers by the thousands. And for good reason, the competition is to make it as loud as possible downtown, day and night. It's quite a nice concept, but the residents of the city hosting the event can't stand it anymore. And it's not just the bass bounce, rebound What bothers them… Celine Dion's voice also has a lot to do with it! To alleviate this problem, Porirua residents decided to launch a petition to put an end to this problem once and for all.

Celine Dion, her voice no longer passes through Porirua!

If we don't get tired of listening My heart will go on For Celine Dion, others can't say the same. In fact, during the traditional Siren KingThe Canadian singer's voice echoes day and night. Participants particularly like the sound effects of the singer's voice. Paul List, one of the competition's founders, explained to New Zealand media the offer, Why are Celine Dion's titles playing non-stop during the event. “Celine Dion is very popular because these songs are so pure. We try to use music that has high, clear treble and doesn't have too much bass.

A petition has been launched!

This is a situation that residents denounce and no longer intend to tolerate. “I am tired of the inaction and neglect shown (…)

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