In New Zealand, protesters grow cannabis in Parliament Gardens

In New Zealand, protesters grow cannabis in Parliament Gardens

Contrary to appearances, this is not an April Fool’s joke. It’s also March 31st The New Zealand Herald, New Zealand Daily, reported the news. As Parliament prepares to face a new wave of protests [réclamant la levée des restrictions sanitaires liées au Covid-19]the remnants of the earlier demonstrations began to emerge from the ground, in a very vegan political message,” He writes the newspaper.

For twenty-three days, activists occupied Parliament’s Rose Garden, in Wellington, to demand in particular the lifting of the vaccination obligation applicable to several sectors. These protesters set up their tents there and Various types are planted. But the title continues, “It seems that the protesters left behind not only vegetables and cilantro: cannabis plants are starting to point at their noses”.

The information was confirmed by gardeners mobilized to restore the soil. The New Zealand Herald specific “I saw – and smelled – six plants, before the staff of Parliament destroyed them”. The media also insisted that there were tomato plants, but they were clearly distinguished from cannabis plants by their smell.

Plants ‘uprooted and destroyed’

Since hemp is illegal in New Zealand, these plants torn and destroyed, specific WatchmanAnd the At the request of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Trevor Mallard,. In addition, Barricades were set up all over the place and the police presence was reinforced again in the morning [du 1er avril]After a group of demonstrators announced their intention to start a new movement for two weeks to demand the lifting of all health restrictions..

The New Zealand government has already announced that vaccination requirements for certain sectors will be lifted on April 4, and that healthy lane It is no longer required from that date. Tessa Jeffress, one of the activists who participated in the occupation of the lawns of Parliament, List, however, with many grievances RNZ :

We will continue to protest until the state takes notice of our movement, apologizes to us, and achieves justice. In fact, personally, I will not stop until all health rules are repealed.”

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