In New Zealand, people no longer sleep because of Celine Dion's songs

In New Zealand, people no longer sleep because of Celine Dion's songs

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Residents thinking about moving because of Celine Dion? This is what happens in Porirua, New Zealand.

I will go wherever you go, To love me more, My heart will go onIn this town with a population of about 50,000 people, we can no longer bear the tunes of the international star. He is right.

In Porirua, but also in other corners of New Zealand, it is customary to organize Siren battles (Mermaid Battles, in English).

The goal of this unusual competition? Participants gather in the city in their cars equipped with huge speakers. Their goal: to use the loudest volume possible to beat the opponent.

Sleepless nights for locals

The problem is, this happens too the night. This is not to the taste of the locals, who spend a series of sleepless nights.

a Petition It was launched on October 6. This requires action from the city's municipal council. At the time of writing, the number of signatures was 260.

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In the comments, about a dozen residents attest to this Sleep debts Because of these night competitions.

“We have to find an alternative place for these people, otherwise they will have to leave,” Porirua mayor Anita Baker said. Watchman.

What does this have to do with Celine Dion?

But what does Celine Dion do about noise pollution? If the singer is so popular in New Zealand, her music would work especially well for mermaid fights.

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His songs “are clear, with a lot of treble and a little bass” would be perfect, Paul List, co-founder of the group that organizes mermaid fights in Auckland, tells the media. the offer In 2022.

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