In New Zealand, one can be buried in a donut coffin

In New Zealand, one can be buried in a donut coffin

One way to make this day less sad. In Auckland, New Zealand, Dying Art Company Imagine and build custom colorful coffins for Celebrate the life of your loved one. Among the major creations of the founder of Ross Hall we particularly find a sailboat, a fire engine, a chocolate bar, and a coffin covered in Lego or fake jewelry.

Guests can also be buried in a movie-inspired coffin Matrix Or represent the beach. “We even started putting LED lights in coffins, inside the cover, that run on batteries, and these batteries last for thirty days.”As the New Zealand designer says For deputy.

“There are people who are satisfied with the mahogany brown box and it is very good, He explains. But if they want something a little more joyful, then I’m here to do it for them. “ This past February, Ross Hall also imagined a giant cream donut as a coffin for his cousin. New York Post article reports. An original being that made the attendees laugh and overshadow the sadness of the moment. “The last memory on everyone’s mind was Donut and Phil’s sense of humor.”Debra McLean, his widow, admits.

Biodegradable coffins

The idea of ​​creating personal funds came to Ross Hall fifteen years ago, when he was making his will and imagining his own death. One thing is for sure: he did not want to burial Like everyone else, but a coffin ‘Red with flame’. Six months later, he decided to go to her by contacting several funeral directors.

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The New Zealander works out of custom-designed empty coffins and uses fiberboard and plywood for customization. Latex designs are made using a digital printer. Crates are biodegradable, and are usually buried or cremated with the deceased, except for those that are a donut. For manufacturing, Ross Hole used polystyrene and modeling foam, which is not environmentally friendly.

Its concept is not just stories. More and more people are buried in custom-made coffins. Weiss says there are at least six companies like Dying Art in Australia and New Zealand. “People now think it is a celebration of life, not a mourning of death.”Ross Hall analyzes funeral discourse.

This development is reflected in orders: At first, he was selling an average of one coffin every six months; Today it is a few hundred a year. Depending on the model, the price ranges between NZ $ 3,000 and 7,500, or approximately € 1,800 to 4,500 euros.

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