In New Zealand, machine guns and "Macarena" to disperse the "Freedom Convoys" - Liberation

In New Zealand, machine guns and “Macarena” to disperse the “Freedom Convoys” – Liberation

By order of Parliament, protesters in Wellington were bombarded with intoxicating music and watered like lawns on Sunday. The local police don’t like it.

Should we talk about the New Zealand police flag? Unusual techniques were used on Sunday in Wellington to try to disperse hundreds of protesters gathered outside Parliament. At the decision of the target institution, the authorities used automatic machine guns and tried to stun the demonstrators by playing infernal music loudly, in particular. Baby SharkAnd macarena where mandy by Barry Manilow. But hundreds of protesters are inspired by Self-proclaimed Canadian Freedom ConvoysThey danced in the mud to tunes meant to force them apart before taking revenge with their favorite songs.

The protesters also had the right to destroy You are beautiful By James Blunt … following a suggestion from the British artist himself on Twitter. Again, it didn’t really work, as the protesters sucked in the drunk air.

Woodstock of the Antipodes might make you smile, but it wasn’t at all to the taste of the local police. Wellington Police Chief Corrie Parnell opened Radio New Zealand: “These are certainly not tactics or methodologies that we advocate, and we would have preferred that not happen.” However, the officer does not call for a trap or cudgel to be formed in the fist to suppress the movement. “It’s not about […] To prevent people from going out [de cette situation]»Says Cory Parnell, calling for organizers to negotiate and protesters to move the vehicles still blocking the streets.

Verbs “shameful, embarrassing, and ineffective”

New Zealand police have not always taken this non-violent approach. On Thursday, an attempt to forcibly clear lawns led to violent clashes and the arrest of more than 120 people, but hardened the resolve of the protesters. Hence the change in police strategy, without, therefore, reaching the musical ends of Sunday.

The playlist didn’t just go badly in the police establishment. New Zealand’s political opposition did not hesitate to respond, generously blaming the Speaker of Parliament, Trevor Mallard, for agreeing to the measure. Mallard’s actions are shameful, embarrassing, and ineffective.And Representative Chris Bishop tweetedfrom the National Party. “Not only are Mallard’s actions immature, not only ineffective, but they have made the dangerous situation much worse.David Seymour, leader of the opposition ACT party, believes. His frivolous behavior encouraged protesters.” For her part, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declined to comment on Sunday’s music match.

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