In New Zealand, his music is annoying!

In New Zealand, his music is annoying!

Celine Dion in concert in Montreal in 2008. © Flickr

Decibel competitions use singer’s music and residents are fed up.

His health condition paralyzed him for about 10 months. Suffering from stiff man syndrome, Celine Dion He is at his worst and the news is given by his sister Claudette Not always popular. If the singer continues to fight, it is thanks to the support of her fans and the whole world. He will be honored next February and March during a symphony concert. And in New Zealand, his music is still being heard… but perhaps not for long.

Residents of Porirua, New Zealand, have launched a petition against noise pollution caused by the Siren King. It’s a kind of decibel competition regularly organized by owners of cars with boosted sound systems, who “challenge” each other by playing songs as loudly as possible, to dance until very late into the night. Among the most played titles by these participants, we find in particular “My Heart Will Go On”, and “It’s All Coming Back To Me”, from Celine Dion.

So we see some rather moonlit moments, like the statement of one of the petition’s signatories, who says that even though she likes to listen Celine Dionshe “He doesn’t like to hear bits of music that stop and start anytime between 7pm and 2am.”. So elected officials try to direct participants in these contests to more appropriate places, such as the countryside, where they would inconvenience far fewer people.

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The competition participants even justified their choice of music Celine Dionexplaining that Celine Dion They are very popular because these songs are very stripped down. We try to use music that has high, clear treble and doesn’t have a lot of bass.”. Anyway, we hope the singer appreciates this loud tribute!

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