In New Zealand, a man was vaccinated 10 times in one day

In New Zealand, a man was vaccinated 10 times in one day

A man reportedly obtained money from several people to impersonate them and get them vaccinated. the case ‘taken seriously’ By the New Zealand authorities, the country’s press is monitored.

Overzealous? In New Zealand, a man received up to 10 injections of the Covid-19 vaccine in one day, Transfer Things.

According to the New Zealand website, the case is the subject of an investigation by the Ministry of Health, which did not specify the city in which this violation was recorded. The man reportedly received money from several people to receive the vaccine for them.

quoted Things, head of the New Zealand Immunization Program, Astrid Kornev, explained that she was ‘Aware of the problem’ :

We take this matter very seriously. […] If you know anyone who has received more doses of the vaccine than recommended, they should see a doctor as soon as possible.”

Immunologist Helen Petosis Harris explain to New Zealand Herald The behavior of a man vaccinated 10 times was “Incredibly selfish”, He regretted that people took advantage of those who needed money to avoid being vaccinated. According to Petousis-Harris, the man is unlikely to have experienced any major health risks, although he must have felt unwell the next day due to a strong immune response:

We know that people have mistakenly received the five doses in a vial […]We know that other vaccination errors have been made and that this has not resulted in any long-term problem.”

There is no data on side effects

It’s even more cautious, explained Nikki Turner, an immunologist at the University of Auckland Things That there is no data on the consequences of such a large number of injections in one day:

It’s not really recommended, we don’t have information on side effects from such a large amount of the vaccine.”

The New Zealand website was revealed last October In another article State police have been warned of possible identity theft of some vaccination candidates.

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“Impersonating someone and receiving medical treatment is dangerous”The New Zealand Ministry of Health responded. “This puts at risk the person who was vaccinated with a false identity and the person whose health record says they were vaccinated when they were not.”

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