In Mu, the new co-working space is settling into the shopping mall

A new co-working space has opened in Les Saisons shopping center in Meaux. (© La Marne)

Installed on the first floor of the mall Mo seasons21, new working area 10 m2 Each, open workspaces, meeting rooms, and even a video recording room.

ready for several weeks, Irowork It has experienced the vagaries of internet connections for much longer than anticipated and is now welcoming its first customers since the beginning of the year. Before meeting the teleworkers there, vaccination candidates were the ones who used the space. The center served as a vaccination site several times. It still hosts, in a secluded part, the pharmacy’s Covid testing center located below.

Standard spaces according to your desires

But today, the co-working space was launched and It accommodates workers for a day, a week or a month.

“All spaces are flexible, depending on needs, how many people will use the space and what they want to do with it,” explains Xavier Ferrand, Director of Aérocowork.

Comfortable chairs, a desk on wheels for more flexibility, storage cabinets, but also a whiteboard to let your creativity speak… ‘on-demand’ spaces.

Some rooms have more or less floor-to-ceiling windows, it all depends on the atmosphere you prefer or the level of privacy you want.

Xavier Ferran

Some remote workers only come occasionally and rent a place without preference. But with the advent of remote work, others are getting fixed working days from their boss each week. “In this case, we suggest providing them with a closed storage box, where they can leave some of their belongings so they don’t have to move them every time,” explains Xavier Ferrand. A way to stay home, without being too much of the same.

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The needs were there. A quarter of the offices are already booked While the center is barely open. Currently, Aérocowork is open from 9am to 7pm, but opening hours can be extended to 9pm soon.

Videos: Currently in Actu

Everything at your fingertips in 2 minutes

If the placement of this new co-working space in a shopping center comes as a surprise, Xavier Ferrand wants to make it a force: “Here, you have everything two minutes away, without having to get in the car, which is also parked in a safe and dry place.” “Whether it’s for lunch, just having coffee or running errands while leaving the office, anything is possible. Conciergery is the whole mall!”

Furthermore, Xavier Ferrand will develop trade shows between Seasons de Meaux and Aérocowork stores to offer discounts to its customers.

Reservations can be made via the email address: [email protected] or at 09 88 59 02 06. It will soon be possible to reserve your space directly on the site: Prices: 10 m²2 From 25€ per day, 10€ for open space.

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