In Mirande, the Antoine-Mort space was inaugurated and a plaque was unveiled

In Mirande, the Antoine-Mort space was inaugurated and a plaque was unveiled

A space now dedicated to Antoine Morts in Mirande. A painting was unveiled that reflects his love for sports and the city.

The mayor of Mirande, Patrick Fanton, and the elected officials of the municipality inaugurated the space of Antoine Mort (in the space formerly called Patardo), in the presence of his sons Christophe and Jean-Eric and his grandchildren, as well as his family and friends.

Antoine Morts began his career at Mirandi City Hall in 1960 as an assistant physical education teacher. He has put his talent and passion into serving the people of Miranda, whether by teaching the basics of sports to primary school students, by supervising weekly physical education sessions, by sharing his knowledge on the ski slopes or by introducing young people to swimming.

His dedication was not limited to Mirandi. In February 1965, he was seconded to the Multi-Purpose Community Federation (SEFOM) in Mirandi as a Physical Education and Sports (EPS) teacher, thus expanding his influence in neighboring schools.

Patents and diplomas

In 1970, his commitment expanded with the operation of the municipal swimming pool, where he was appointed responsible for the operation, management and monitoring of swimming pools. For many years it has organized a wide range of water activities, diving competitions and swimming competitions.

Over the years, Antoine Mortes has enriched his career with multiple certificates and diplomas: Diploma of Basketball Coach in 1960; Federal Diploma for Swimming Pool Managers in July 1973; Trained as a rugby coach in 1969; BAC Mirande coach since 1975 with the women's and men's teams.

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In 1985, he was transferred to Mirandi City Council as Head of the Sports Department where he continued to promote sporting life and dynamism within the community by also managing the leisure centres. He also hosted the summer at Mirandi Camp and contributed to installing chalets and providing a space for entertainment and relaxation for residents and visitors of the city.

Antoine Mortes retired on April 4, 1998 with the rank of coach for physical activities and sports outside the classroom. A space has now been set aside for it and a plaque has been unveiled.

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