In Mayotte, the government is in real contempt

In Mayotte, the government is in real contempt

This is a serious setback that the government has just eliminated in Mayotte’s specific bill that was due to be presented to the Cabinet on Wednesday, February 2. This was announced by Sebastien Licornu, Minister of Foreign Affairs on March 31, 2021, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the administration of this Indian Ocean archipelago, and was the subject of extensive prior consultations with elected officials and social and economic actors. population, which suggested a fairly broad consensus in the territory.

As well as the negative opinion issued on Thursday, January 13th, “unanimous”, by the Mayotte County Council sounds like a disdain for the government. It makes it suppose, at the very least, that the bill will be shown on the given date. In any case, this could not have been examined by Parliament before the presidential and legislative elections. But for the executive branch, it was above all a matter of “leaving a trace” and not lending the ward to accusations“Give up” Regularly against it by the leader of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, who is very active in this department faced massive emigration and structural social difficulties, as the candidate went again in December 2021.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says “Take note of the unfavorable opinion of the District Council on the Preliminary Bill for the Acceleration of the Development of the Island of Mayotte” But don’t you dare make plans for the comet. “The bill will be presented at the appropriate political moment.”Is it sufficient to respond to requests? GlobalismHe hardly hides his embarrassment.

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One politician excels

What happened between the Spring-Summer 2021 consultation, the opinions and proposals presented at the time by the various players, which largely inspired the bill, and the reversal of January 13, 2022? What resources does the government have to start, in spite of everything, the projects related to the fight against illegal immigration and insecurity, the convergence of social rights, the accelerated development of the Territory, youth and integration, which add an organic element that will make the island of Mayotte a provincial district, just like Guyana or Martinique?

Bidding with the approach of the legislative elections that will follow the presidential election is clearly not entirely foreign to the part that took place on January 13, especially the day before, with Mamoudzou Town Hall, the county, the district council under construction. Before making a decision in a plenary session, the district council had assembled a certain number of assemblies and gatherings by videoconference, including a very malicious gathering of the citizens of Mayotte, headed by journalist Estelle Yusova, declared a candidate for the upcoming legislative elections.

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