In La Chapelle Bayville, a new space has a city playground and games for children

In La Chapelle Bayville, a new space has a city playground and games for children

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The census ended last week in La Chapelle Bayville (YOR), a town of about 380 people located near Cormel. Jack Duvall, The village mayor agreed to present, after a few wishes, the latest achievements and projects of the village.

The new thing for 2023 is The new recreational space consists of a city playground, children's games, and bicycle parkinga project worth 90 thousand euros, is largely supported by the state and the ministry.

“Like all municipalities, we are working on it fire defense” The mayor adds. The municipality was able to install two water reserves. Some routine maintenance is added to the list.

The good news in the village is that The festival committee took over more than a year ago. In 2023, the new team of volunteers organized a tartflette, Easter and Christmas evening for the children, a festive evening and an exhibition; Many events should be repeated this year.

Planned work in the church

In 2024, New restoration work will be carried out in the church. After renewing the electricity two years ago. The painting needs to be redesigned, in addition to plaster and interior carpentry work, a project estimated to cost 100,000 euros.

Another project “We are planning To remove speed bumps on Rue de la Mairie to install traffic signals, Speed ​​bumps are noisy and starting to wear out.

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Finally, “as in all municipalities, there are a few robberies,” laments the elected official. That is why discussions are being held about the possibility of installing video protection in the future, which the Gendarmerie strongly favors.

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