In Huelgoat, Louis-Priser's play area - Huelgoat . has opened

In Huelgoat, Louis-Priser’s play area – Huelgoat . has opened

The playing area at Pointe du Fao in Huelgoat is now called “Louis Priser”.

A plaque named for the founder of the lighthouse colony on Batz Island, which was long owned by Amicale laïque until its sale in 2017, was unveiled on Monday, November 22, by his nephew Jacques Guillou in the presence of members of Amicale who funded nearly all the games, and elected officials , Thomas Lamore who drew up the plan of the board, Herve Mason who made Breton’s translation of the text on the board, and the municipal officials who helped set up the games.

At the service of youth

The mayor, Jacques Thibaut, recalled the story of Louis Pressere who was the source of the 1945 transformation of an old inn renovated by friends into a summer camp so that “local youth” could discover the sea.

Thousands of vacationers stayed there for the 70 years until 2013. “Today, council members are impressed by your decision to allow the town and nursing home to profit from the profits of the sale of the colony.” Amicale also intends to co-finance the city’s BMX field.

Teacher on Batz Island

Marie-Therese Pollan, for her part, relived the career of Louis Presser, born in 1913 and died in 2009. His first teaching position was at Batz Island. Then he was assigned to Huelgoat. A staunch defender of the secular schools, he was the founder and leader of the Ile de Batz summer camp for many years.

He loved to write, was a Telegram reporter and author of books including a trilogy about a rural world. “It is with great affection and affection that we are opening this play area today in honor of Louis Presser for his commitment to the school and the municipality.”

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