In Hong Kong, five leaders of the pro-democracy "Apple Daily" were arrested

In Hong Kong, five leaders of the pro-democracy “Apple Daily” were arrested

Five officials of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily, including its editor Ryan Low, was arrested Thursday, June 17 under a law “National Security Act”The police and the media said.

The five leaders were arrested during a raid on the headquartersApple Daily “to collude with a foreign state or with external elements with the aim of endangering national security.”Hong Kong police said in a statement. Apple Daily Mr. Lu said he was among those arrested.

A police source confirmed to AFP that all five people held management positions at Next Digital, the parent company ofApple Daily.

Pictures of the raid were broadcast live on Facebook

The newspaper, which posted videos of the police raid live on Facebook, said Lu was among those arrested. In these photos, police officers are seen riding a security perimeter and entering the building.

These arrests are the latest police operation targeting the tabloid, which has provided unwavering support to the pro-democracy movement. This is the second raid targeting Apple Daily In less than a year.

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Billionaire Jimmy Lai, the newspaper’s owner, was accused of complicity after the August raid. He is currently in prison for several sentences for his participation in some of the pro-democracy protests that rocked Hong Kong two years ago.

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