In Gouesnou, the opening of Espace Pierrot-Ménez - Gouesnou

In Gouesnou, the opening of Espace Pierrot-Ménez – Gouesnou

Under the bright sun, the Pierrot-Ménez Arena at the Crann Sports Complex opened on Saturday 26 February. Built on the edge of football fields and an athletics track, this multi-purpose venue replaces outdated buildings, changing rooms and refreshment bars in one place.

Club House with an area of ​​250 square meters

shared by Joseno Football Club and Blés d’Or, it will be open to all Gouesnous federations, whether sporting or not, thanks to the club with an area of ​​more than 250 square metres. With a total cost of €1.8 million, the Pierrot-Ménez space was designed by architect Claire Cormier in consultation with the resident associations. The construction, which began in September 2019, will be finally completed next June with the fencing with the adjacent residential area.

Greetings to builder

In front of the floor of a hundred people representing the associations of the city, Loic Ménez thanked Gouesnou for the honor he paid his father through this building: “Pierrot Ménez was a builder, son and grandson of masons. He was also a catalyst, a simple and helpful man, loyal to others. Finally, Gouznus was at heart. , even if he was born in Lambezelec. He built his career in Gouesnou and a rich elected life of more than thirty years that led to many major projects. In the name of my mother (his wife Marie Therese, editor’s note) and the whole family, thank you very much.

Speech was welcomed by the public and the group of elected officials, including the President of the Circuit Council, Mile de Callan.

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