In Germany, the honor given to Angela Merkel has been criticized within the CDU

In Germany, the honor given to Angela Merkel has been criticized within the CDU

During her long reign at the head of the German government (2005-2021), Angela Merkel more often had to fight against her own camp than against her political opponents. Since his departure from power, things have not changed, as reported on Monday, April 17, the reactions sparked by the presentation of the former President of the Federal Republic to the Order of Merit by the President of the Federal Republic of Special Class. Social Democrat Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Vice president of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the party that Angela Merkel led from 2000 to 2018, Carsten Linenemann didn’t mince his words. “Of course m.I Merkel has great advantages, especially on the international front. But she also made some glaring mistakes.And The former spokesman for small and medium-sized businesses within the party said Monday on NTV.

between these “mistakes”Mr. Linenemann cited the former adviser’s immigration policy during the 2015 refugee crisis, “Who prevents our borders from being protected”but also its choice to phase out nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster in 2011. A decision made “Without saying how we were going to supply ourselves with energy more or less independently”Regret was expressed by the vice president of the CDU, who spoke two days after the closure of the last three nuclear power plants in the country still operating.

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“The biggest political blunder since 1945”

“Handing the Grand Cross to Angela Merkel a year and a half after the end of her term is a mistake.”as estimated by the Chairman of the CDU’s Core Values ​​Committee, Andreas Rueder, in a daily opinion article. tagespiegel. Responsible for directing the formulation of the new party programme, which is scheduled for mid-June to replace the previous one, which dates back to 2007, the professor of history at the University of Mainz in particular criticizes the former chancellor for making a “to give prosperity to public aid which the State will not be able to provide in the long run” And because he was so kind to Russia, “The biggest foreign policy blunder since 1945”.

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In order to introduce her own Grand Cross class — a rank that only her predecessor, Konrad Adenauer, in 1954, and Helmut Kohl, in 1998, held before her — Angela Merkel did not invite any current leader of the CDU, to be initiated by his boss. Frederick Merz, with whom he had always had a bad relationship.

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On Monday, only a few members of his own party were present in the reception hall at Bellevue Palace, home to the presidency, including Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, who has sat in all of her cabinets, or her former ministers Peter Altmaier and Thomas de Maiziere. . Without forgetting some loyal ones, such as his former spokesman Steffen Seibert, the current ambassador to Israel, or the former coach of the German soccer team, Jürgen Klinsmann.

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