In Germany, an intelligence agent in the service of Moscow – Liberation

In Germany, an intelligence agent in the service of Moscow – Liberation

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A foreign German intelligence officer was jailed on Wednesday for “high treason” to Moscow. A case questioning the extent of Russian espionage across the Rhine.

Who is double agent Karsten L. Imprisoned Wednesday in Berlin on charges of “high treason”? What is the “state secret” Referred to Moscow by this senior official of the German Foreign Intelligence Service (BND)? At present, nothing has been filtered about the character or content of this ultra-sensitive data that has been leaked. The Karlsruhe public prosecutor, who specializes in espionage cases, refuses to pass on even the slightest bit of information about “To prevent the opponent from exploiting it.”

“Confidentiality is the key. The slightest piece of information that is made public can work in favor of an adversary who aims to harm Germany,” insists Bruno Kahl, head of the German Federal Intelligence Service. Russia qualifiers “an unscrupulous and violent opponent”, He seems to fear for service liaisons in Russia who may have been betrayed before “traitor”. Carsten L. worked on the BND’s art direction. According to information from the magazine to focuswas responsible for collecting and analyzing information obtained through German wiretapping around the world as well as from the US Secret Service (NSA) and the British Wiretapping Service (GCHQ).

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Since this arrest, the German press has asked many questions about the foreign intelligence service. Is this an isolated case? Has spy services been hacked

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