In Clark, a new space to receive patients after their care

In Clark, a new space to receive patients after their care

On Monday, the first “Onco Lounge” was opened in Outremers. The structure is located at Clark Hospital. Every day, about 100 patients are received in the Medical Oncology Department at Clark Hospital, for consultation, follow-up, or to benefit from a chemotherapy session.

Unfortunately, even then, patients were waiting on the balcony, exposed to the sun and heat. Today the solution was presented to them.

Reception improves by allocating a place for them. This new space will provide medical, social and psychological counselling, as well as dedicated spaces for therapeutic education and dedicated personal support time.

Patricia constantly accompanies her sister During his care. For her, the creation of this reception space is very good news. A space you never find when traveling to France

it's great. It's really nice because I've been taking my sister here since November. Because before, we went to Salpêtrière. We stayed in France for a year and a half. She underwent surgery in France. When she developed nodules after the operation, she stayed for a year and a half in Salpêtrière, and we did not have that little thing missing. Because all people with cancer view themselves this way, their caregivers always view themselves this way. And I didn't think it was great. In this disease, specifically, I think people should have shared a lot because it gives them so little leverage. As for the reception in Martinique, it has nothing to do with France. I find it much warmer. I find that the nurses here are very welcoming, they are very close to the patient, and they know them

He says that reception is an integral part of the care process, which is why it is important to pay close attention to it Guy Albert Ruffin Duhamel, Director of the Regional Oncology Platform in MartiniqueHe emphasizes this important point:

You should know that reception is care. This actually means that welcoming someone is already a kind of care. Waiting is also part of the care process. Therefore, we cannot have a rest period between reception, patient arrival and then waiting, etc. So, I think it's all continuing. Then, what is the point? It is familiarity, information and support, but above all it is to keep the patient on their journey, to avoid separation, to avoid abandonment of care, and then to avoid anxiety and frustration. This is also important when you are sick. Today this space is equipped with human resources with a coordinator who will facilitate the social health and then with staff such as nursing assistants who will also come to help us with the relay.

The official opening of this space was a delight Margaret Magloire. She is the president Coeur d'Oya Association, an association of expert patients. She is also a former patient at the hospital:

The opening of this space was anticipated because in fact, last year, when we created the association, we kept mentioning people and saying that we struggled while being on the balcony, for example at times like 4:00 pm to wait for a taxi. How painful it was after undergoing radiation therapy. We run everywhere to avoid the effects of UV rays. I think it will help in the beginning because we needed a practical and quick solution in the beginning. Then they talked about improvement, so we're very much counting on improvements and we're still very happy to raise this issue so it can be taken into account in this way.

Peggy Dormoy, meeting and information space coordinator at Clark Hospital. She will be present to greet patients after their care

The goal is to welcome patients who come for a consultation with Clarac to avoid having to wait outside, in very hot weather, as they are often fasting after radiotherapy, and they can come in and have coffee, juice, a little chocolate, a snack, and that the waiting is more pleasant for the patients. My office is there, in the back. I am available in the mornings from 8:30am to 3:30pm. So the space will be open at that time. After that, I think we will reevaluate operating hours based on patient intake. Welcoming patients, this is the beginning of care

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