In California, a huge wave sweeps away pedestrians

In California, a huge wave sweeps away pedestrians

Thursday, December 28, swell created a strong wave in Ventura, California. About twenty people were swept away. Eight others were injured.

Like a small tsunami on the East Coast of the United States, an hour north of Los Angeles… A giant wave broke over a small dam and startled passers-by, calmly watching the waves. Pictures are circulating on the Internet… Pedestrians took cover as streets, hotels and homes on the waterfront were submerged. Since then, many California beaches have been closed to the public. A flood and high wave warning has also been issued.

According to the meteorological services, similar phenomena are possible until Saturday. The blades, which range between seven and nine meters high, are expected to reach several areas overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in the states of California and Oregon. Caused by a storm that caps a year marked by extreme weather events. Specialists Don't expect a lot of damage but be warned that the sea can be very dangerous.

The storm is also bringing heavy rain, and the Sierra Nevada mountain range could see snowfall over the weekend.

These severe weather conditions are the latest weather episode in a year marked by extreme events in the American West, which fell victim to a severe heat wave in July. This followed an abnormally wet winter, in which numerous storms, sometimes very close together, delivered near-record rainfall in certain areas, leading to damage and flooding. Reservoirs filled dry and rivers overflowed.

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Global warming caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions is increasing the magnitude and/or frequency of extreme weather events.

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