In Berlin, the famous Pergamon Museum has been closing its doors for 14 years, and it’s time to revamp everything

In Berlin, the famous Pergamon Museum has been closing its doors for 14 years, and it’s time to revamp everything

The foundations of the Pergamon Museum in Berlin have not been renovated since 1930, and today there is an urgent need for work. The site will remain closed to the public for 14 years, starting Monday.

To have the opportunity to visit the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, it is best to plan in advance. For several weeks, tickets were not available and for good reason. This museum, the most visited in the German capital, closed its doors on Monday, October 23, for 14 years. This institution, which receives more than a million visitors annually, must undergo major renovation works.

Famous for the wealth of ancient works it offers, this site is located on Berlin’s Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In recent months, the closure announcement has attracted Berlin residents and tourists in large numbers. Jeremy, his wife and their two children, aged 6 and 10, booked in September for places on Sunday 22 October, the day before closing.

“I came from Paris, This father explains. Because I definitely wanted to introduce my kids to the museum before they were 25. “I have temples in mind, things I saw as a kid that I really wanted to see again before they closed.”.

A work from the Pergamon Museum, which will soon be moved to allow for renovation work.  (Sebastien Bayer/Radio France)

Opened in 1930, the museum has never undergone a comprehensive renovation. Over time and under the weight of the monuments, some of which weigh more than 12 tons, the foundations suffered. Therefore, the work became urgent, according to what he said Barbara HellwingOne of the museum directors: “We actually had to close half a wing for two years due to water leakage and then closed the other half due to the building’s vibrations.”.

“If nothing happens, at some point we won’t be able to guarantee the security of things.”

Barbara Hellwing, one of the directors of the Pergamon Museum

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Thus the famous Ishtar Gate and the huge Pergamon Hotel, two of the museum’s jewels, will remain unseen for many years. What Jens, one of the last visitors, regrets. “It’s a real shame. The whole world comes here to see this, and in 15 years it will be too late for the elderly. It’s too long.”Sorry. A virtual exhibition will be held soon to showcase the museum’s work. Some pieces will also be loaned to other institutions, in Berlin and abroad.

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