In Auchant, Ian Borthwick was the guest of honor at the Al Jazeera International Book Fair - Brest

In Auchant, Ian Borthwick was the guest of honor at the Al Jazeera International Book Fair – Brest

What do you do in the 23rd edition of Al Jazeera Book Fair?

“I came to meet the writers and talk about the New Zealand book I co-wrote with Vincent Fernandel, as well as Au vent des les Publishing. I miss the islands and can’t wait to rediscover the island vibe of Ouessant. I think all the islands have a special mindset. We are aloof, We feel protected and threatened by the sea. I think in Auchant, as in New Zealand, people should be a little bit farther apart.”

Do you have a special attachment to islands other than New Zealand?

“I have a special attachment to New Zealand and French Polynesia, because my publisher is in Tahiti. I also have a soft spot for the Pacific islands, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, which is really a world rugby goldmine.”

What does your book “Into the Heart of a Fern” say?

“We’ll tell you it’s a rugby book. But it is above all a book about New Zealand, the soul of the country and the land. It tells the story of the introductory journey of a French journalist, accompanied by a New Zealander, with rugby and New Zealand culture as a backdrop. Originally, we went there to make a movie about New Zealand rugby, because The All Blacks are the most successful team in the world in all sports.We went there to understand how this island, with a population of barely five million people, dominates rugby.In the end, the movie wasn’t made, but the discovery and encounters were so strong that we decided Authored a book “.

You are New Zealand, was it important to write about New Zealand?

“I am from Christchurch, on the South Island. It is very important for me to write about my country. The theme of the show is ‘From the inaccessible island to the wonderful island’, perfect for New Zealand! The island is inaccessible because it has long been isolated from the rest of the world Before the age of planes, it would have taken six weeks by boat to get from Europe to New Zealand. It also has magical culture and landscapes, depicted in the book. I would like to thank the organizers for inviting me, because it is an opportunity to talk about a country rarely talked about in France.”


Al Jazeera Book Fair, from Tuesday 13 July to Friday 16 July, in the gymnasium and multipurpose room of Ouessant. free entry. Full program on site

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