In Argentina, a storm kills thirteen people and causes great destruction

In Argentina, a storm kills thirteen people and causes great destruction

A violent storm with heavy rain and winds of up to 150 square kilometers killed at least 13 people and caused widespread destruction in several cities in central Argentina this weekend, including the capital, according to authorities.

The most serious incident occurred in the coastal city of Bahia Blanca (600 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires), where the storm caused the roof of a sports club to collapse on Saturday, killing 13 people and seriously wounding 14 others, according to the municipality.

The victims were surprised by the storm while a competition was being held at the Bahense del Norte club, where former international basketball star Manu Ginobili trains. [Je suis] “Very sad about what my club, my city and the region are going through.”“, said the athlete On social networks. Much of the city was left without power and suffered extensive damage.

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President Javier Miley expressed “My deepest condolences.” For the victims, his office reported that the government “Detected the resulting sensitive situation.” As a result of the storm that struck the province of Buenos Aires with winds “Exceeds 150 km/h”. “The government is working with regional and municipal authorities to assist victims and limit damage.”The presidential office announced.

Destruction in Buenos Aires

The National Weather Service issued an advisory “orange” In the provinces of Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos, Cordoba and Santa Fe (central-east), with rainfall up to 130 mm, alert ” yellow “ For six other governorates, the storms are expected to advance northward. The wind was born from “A large mass of warm, moist air is activated by the passage of a cold front.”But without a specific connection to the current El Niño phenomenon, meteorologist Leo DeBenedictis explained to AFP.

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The mayor of Buenos Aires, Jorge Macri, said that the city of Buenos Aires suffered early Sunday morning from winds reaching speeds of about 100 kilometers per hour, heavy rain, and power outages. The capital woke up to 360 trees on the ground, destroying vehicles, cutting cables, extinguishing public lights and disrupting traffic. The city’s emergency services worked hard to restore some semblance of normal life.

In the Palermo region, at least three people were injured in the early hours of the morning while attending a concert in which the stage collapsed, according to organizers. The emergency service reported that 13 other people were injured at the Palermo racetrack.

Some suburbs of the capital were also affected by the storm, with rainfall reaching 40 mm in a few hours, a third of the historical average for December, the National Meteorological Service said. Agence France-Presse indicated that the town of San Isidro, located 20 kilometers north of Buenos Aires, has become partially isolated due to falling trees.

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