In Argenteuil, residents have a common space for co-working

In Argenteuil, residents have a common space for co-working

A third place of 30 square meters is available free of charge for remote work enthusiasts in the new Gardenia Residence.

When you pass in front of this new residence in Argenteuil, in Val-d’Oise (95), you can only be curious about this space under the building that houses the offices while the rest of the condominium consists of 96 residences. Promoter Care Promotion has set up a co-working space, called “enbâ”, just outside the lobby. It is reserved for the owners and tenants of the Gardenia Residence which was handed over three weeks ago and which officially opened the day before yesterday. Two more spaces of this type were planned in Bisons (95), including one of 40 square meters in particular.

Since Aurélie moved into the house, he uses this 30-square-meter communal desk once a week. ”

This space allows me to focus more. At home, many things can distract me

‘,” the 32-year-old lawyer justifies. This common space also encourages discussion with other residents. ”

We often forget to take breaks when working remotely. Our joint work encourages us to take breaks with the neighbours

Owner develops.

Aurélie isn’t the only one who appreciates this co-working space. Melissa Lowell, Director of Programs at Care Promotion confirms that “

Since it was delivered this space has not been poorly used

“.Firstly while installing the new residents, who did not have an internet connection at home yet.”

As I moved in, I was able to work quietly here while the kitchen designer was installing my new kitchen. The noise didn’t bother me

‘, explains O’Reilly.

Free space… for now

Residents can enjoy the co-working space whose walls belong to Care Promotion for free, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., regardless of the day of the week, while a third place costs about 1,200 euros per square metre, or about 36,000 euros. ”

In the first year this space will be free for residents. After that, formulas will be offered from 20 € for 4 half-days per month and up to 50 € for unlimited access, subject to available space.

‘,” identifies Claire Machon, Director of Programs at Care Promotion, who is responsible for developing the ‘enbâ’ ​​architecture.

At the disposal of the residents, 6 workstations, free internet connection, a water fountain and a professional printer. However, a print quota has been set for each user. Ergonomic chairs provide the comfort of office furniture while giving the impression that you are at home, in orange color. The space is meant to be neutral and serene, with its beige parquet flooring, white walls, and plants.

This idea emerged long before the health crisis at Care Promotion. ”

We had the mental health of the residents in mind and we wanted them to connect with each other. The health crisis reinforces our idea that it makes sense to provide co-working spaces for residents

Claire Mashon got excited. A sentiment shared by George Mothron, Mayor of Argenteuil: “

The health crisis has changed our relationship with work. The Gardenia Residence is at the forefront of this movement and we welcome it.


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