In a demonstration in Chabane-Delmas, La Rochelle won the first leg of the Round of 16 against USM Bordeaux Biggles.

In a demonstration in Chabane-Delmas, La Rochelle won the first leg of the Round of 16 against USM Bordeaux Biggles.

With a win (31-13) away from home on Saturday afternoon, Ronan O’Jara’s players won the first round against UBB.

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They didn’t quite reach the halfway mark, but the La Rochelle players dealt a blow with a precious victory (31-13) at Union Bordeaux-Bègles Park, on Saturday 9 April. In this round of 16 Champions Cup new format (the rematch), where the quarter-finalists are presented to whoever scores the most points during the two matches, the Grégory Alldritt teammates are keen to welcome their new best enemy into a position of strength next weekend.

Rochelle has certainly distinguished Bordello-Biglet psychologically, having previously inflicted him four consecutive defeats in the top 14 places. The last one dates back to last Saturday. At the end of the stifling match, both teams tore themselves on the ground, but also in the stands through their coaches (15-16). This time around, the Maritimes seemed a step ahead, without the UBB having a bad game, perhaps the most worrisome for sponsors Christoph Orius.

Extremely skilled in conquest, sharp in collisions, real poisons in the ground game, great mastery emerged from this performance of the Maritimes. In a very interesting match where playing times followed each other without interruption, Ronan Ojara’s players were more pragmatic than their opponents that day. In addition to New Zealand’s opener Ihiya West going in front of the struts (14 points), the achievements of Raymond Rowley on the wing (22) and Jonathan Dante in the middle (54), as well as a penalty attempt she came to cement the result.

Despite the very strong performances of international players, notably the attempt author Cameron Walke (51) and the decisive pass on Federico Mori (68) and Maxime Loco in the scrum, Bordello-Biglet couldn’t do anything. Aside from some rare bad choices, like this over-jumped pass from Lammeret to Diaby (24th), the ball was also stolen in the hottest moments by La Rochelle’s excellent defense, and we’re thinking in particular of Pierre Bourget’s precious scrapes (25th) ) and Gregory Aldrett (36th place).

What drives UBB a little more in the dark. Al Ittihad has maintained one victory in its last eight matches.

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