Imminent decision for new teams

Imminent decision for new teams

On July 15, the FIA ​​was supposed to issue its verdict on the entry of one or more new competitors into Formula 1, but unfortunately the trend is generally negative in the circuit.

The date was agreed after a two-week delay in submitting applications, postponed to May 15, with the promise of a response after two months (we are there) but it is not known when the International Federation will communicate about this burning. The topic whose results are eagerly awaited by all the heroes of the various issues. According to the latest news, this should happen before the end of the month.

Will the infamous ‘Team XI’ see the light of day other than the fictional APXGP format, which the team has imagined for the Hollywood film in preparation for Formula 1 (photo above) and which began filming this past weekend at Silverstone? No less certain is that, even if the FIA ​​does launch a call for bids for two potential positions, the current 10 teams are “headwind” to oppose any intervention that would upset their economic model, even if it means passing a cartel.

Those two franchises, following the American professional sports model, are enshrined in the Concorde agreements that govern F1 until the end of 2025, but they are being renegotiated, and Liberty Media is giving priority to competitors currently participating. In fact, they do not want to see a decrease in their share of the revenue, and so leave it up to the commercial rights holder to compensate for the prize money given to potential newcomers. Not really that kind of house…

Manor Racing, born in Virgin and then Marussia, allowed Esteban Ocon to make his debut.

Since there is little chance of seeing an eleventh team on the grid before 2026 (even if Andretti has expressed a desire to start his project as early as 2025), a new version of the commercial agreements should include this parameter. One or two additional teams would provide more opportunities for young drivers to find an outlet, given that the last two Formula 2 champions, Oscar Piastri in 2021 and Felipe Drugovic in 2022, remained on the sidelines the following season. You must correct this sport.

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If the FIA ​​intends to favor a transparent protocol with clear criteria that must be met for the candidates, the teams fight back by invoking all possible arguments: safety with 22 or 24 cars on the circuit (except they were still) 26 ten years ago when HRT was And Marussia/Manor and Lotus/Caterham are still relevant, including in Q1 in Monaco), as well as the logistics of welcoming the team’s 11th to pastures… which didn’t seem to cause problems for “Team Apex” last week in Silverstone thanks to Hollywood dollars!

Andretti Global with Cadillac

Andretti Global responded to the requirement to bring in a new originator.

In pole position to claim this entry ticket, Andretti Global’s venture ticks all the boxes, especially since it’s associated with Cadillac, the luxury brand of the General Motors Group. Michael Andretti does not lack the credibility and legitimacy to line up in Formula 1 and he does not give up despite the obstacle course imposed on him. In addition to the partnership with General Motors, it has strong investors and its policy means as evidenced by its base in Great Britain, which is used in particular for the Avalanche Andretti Formula E team, where the necessary tools are already installed. The appointment of Nick Chester, former Renault F1 technical director, underscores the seriousness of the approach even if the English engineer has been announced at Williams if Andretti’s candidacy is rejected.

Andretti Autosport is a hard-bodied, running in IndyCar (with at least four single-seaters, up to five at the Indy 500), Indy Lights, IMSA (with WTR and Acura), Formula E (powered by Porsche), Extreme E and in the Championship Australian V8 Supercars (associated with TWR and United Autosport, of which Zak Brown is a shareholder). To house these various programs and launch the potential Andretti Global Formula 1 team, an imposing new headquarters is being built in Indiana (photo below), regardless of the FIA ​​ruling. But one wonders what arguments the union could use to reject such a powerful project.

An impressive plant emerges from the ground near Indianapolis.

Hitech Grand Prize

For the potential 12th team, the advantage will go to Hitech GP, the chassis of Oliver Oakes, a young and ambitious manager who has long been active in the F2, F3 and F4 promotion formats. Thanks to the financing provided by the oligarch Vladimir Kim, the richest man in Kazakhstan according to Forbes magazine, this company would be willing to pay the entrance fee set at $ 200 million, and even more in the event of a rapprochement … But despite the good reputation of the Hitech team, which Participating in most of the young Red Bull players in F2 and F3, his real added value to the Formula 1 World Championship remains to be proven.

Hitech GP wins races in Formula 2 and Formula 3 while waiting for F1?

Rodin Carlin Race

In the ruthless world of promotional formulas, another team would have made a dossier, even if it hadn’t officially communicated about it: Rodin Carlin Racing. The formation of Trevor Carlin, a single-seater reference for many years, was funded by New Zealand billionaire David Dekker who is eager to see the team step up in Formula 1. W Series champ sponsor Jimmy Chadwick, and he’s committed to putting a woman in one of the buckets…except he’ll have to Benefit from the Super License, which can only be obtained on merit based on results. Carlin is in charge of the fictitious APXGP team for the movie that is currently shooting, but from fiction to reality there is still a margin…

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Like Hitech GP, Rodin Carlin aims for Formula 1, but how?

equation formula

Another announced candidate: the “Formula Equal” project of Craig Bullock, former principal of Jacques Villeneuve and principal of the ephemeral BAR team twenty years ago. The Scottish businessman was going to collect money in one of the Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia?) To create a team aimed at ensuring complete equality between the sexes in all areas: pilots, management, engineers, mechanics, etc. It’s an idealistic approach no doubt but it has the advantage of moving the lines. Is it enough to convince decision makers?

Formula Equal, as its name suggests: dream or reality?

Panthera Asia Team

Finally, the most obscure candidate, because it has been trolling around the Grand Prix for so long without offering any real guarantee of seriousness, is Panthera Team Asia who would have taken on the odd identity of Lky Sunz (for “Lucky Sunshine” in Chinese). Backed by Asian funds, this project wants to focus on this continent whose technical and commercial potential would be underutilized by F1 according to its promoters. French engineer Benjamin Durand, former technical director of SMP racing at WEC, believes he has the skills to compete with Formula 1 teams. Good luck, but those arguments seem a little weak…

Asia is underrepresented in Formula 1, of course, but still?

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