if rugby.  He’s already back at school for Principal Fabian Gengenbacher and his guys –

if rugby. He’s already back at school for Principal Fabian Gengenbacher and his guys –

Text: Morgan Couturier – One month before the Top 14 resumes, LOU Rugby returns to the home ground of the Gerland Stadium, on Monday, 17 July 2023. Frustration quenched at the recent final stages, FC Lyon has taken the opportunity to introduce its new sporting director, Fabian Gengenbacher. Not without ambition.

Desires are already black … and red. And as a perfect allusion to the French singer’s melody, Fabian Gengenbacher He is really well and really a man in a hurry. In his rush to put up a fight, with this top 14 he will discover that he is in the sporting director’s shoes, but also with presentations, as LOU Rugby’s new strongman did not take long to sympathize with the press. It must be said that the young coach at the age of 39 did not leave any traces of his past as an athlete. In these times of recovery, the sporting director seemed sharp and willing to show his players the way and take them into the fray.

Once the subject of uttering his name, “The Story of His Life,” was erased, Fabian Gengenbacher offered his first glimpse into the character. Of this approachable man she was conquered by “this opportunity that cannot be refused,” though his obviously limited experience raises some questions. “I have a philosophy that keeps me learning.”

“I see this situation positively, especially since I do not manage the team on my own. I count on competent staff. In Grenoble (his former club, editor’s note), I was the manager who had never managed. Here, I am the manager who had never managed within Better 14”, he humbly explained.

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“Become a tough team to beat”

A character trait that he clearly values Jan Robert Lyon Club. Because if the president did not lose sight of the candidates for office, the latter won the philosophy of the former ass. That is, to rely on the existing one, to continue to advance, so as to create “an era where LOU wins regularly”. No palace revolution is on the menu for Matmut Stadium and its bars, but effective use of “what works well.”

“It’s up to me to adapt. There’s no need to turn everything upside down and adjust things that work. We want to find unity and transparency and be in touch with what worked. What’s important is to deliver principles that will lead to performance,” the Albertville native continued. With 9 new recruits, the latter is also reassured about the content of the expected game.Thus, the offensive bonus, while LOU’s rugby version, Fabian Gengenbacher, aims to “become a hard-to-beat team”.

But never mind, promises are only beautiful when they are kept. After a preparatory course in La Plagne from July 30 to August 4, and then a rehearsal against Aurillac on August 11, Fabien Gengenbacher will quickly have the opportunity to put the Lyon audience in his pocket. The first success, against Toulon (August 19, 4pm at Stade Matmout) to resume the tournament, would perfectly launch hostilities.

In this complicated period of duality with the World Cup, LOU Rugby will then have two more games to grab the bandwagon, before another break of over a month. The chance to flirt with some New Zealanders is just a few feet from the stadium. The discussions are already advanced. Evidence that at a high level, tomorrow is being prepared today. But for now, the venue for the match is Fabian Gengenbacher’s place.

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