‘I thought I was going to die’: Panic on board Lufthansa Airbus due to severe turbulence

‘I thought I was going to die’: Panic on board Lufthansa Airbus due to severe turbulence

A Lufthansa flight was severely disrupted in the United States on March 1. Seven passengers were taken to hospital. The flight that was due to arrive in Germany was diverted.

“I thought I was going to die.” Georgy Nazaruk will remember this trip for a long time. This passenger will board Lufthansa Flight 469 on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Departing from Austin in the United States, and is scheduled to travel to Frankfurt in Germany. The FAA commented that when the plane flies over Tennessee, it experiences “extreme turbulence.”

said passenger Georgie Nazark CBS News. Videos uploaded to social media prove the mess inside the device.

The disturbance occurred when the Airbus A330, which was at an altitude of about 37,000 feet, was diverted to Dulles Airport in Virginia where it made an emergency landing. Of the 172 passengers and 7 crew members, 7 passengers were hospitalized. According to US media, actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife were on board. Camilla McConaughey said on Instagram, “The plane was in a state of chaos and related turbulence. Thank God everyone was safe and well.”


Seven people who were heading from Austin to Germany were taken to hospitals in the Washington, D.C., area on Wednesday night after their plane experienced significant turbulence.
This is a video from inside the plane. https://t.co/aAoCIaXWVe pic.twitter.com/qWrJwuctfn

— Ricky (@RickyG_TV) March 2, 2023

The passengers were able to continue their journey to Germany the next day, Thursday 2 March, without incident this time, to Germany.

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German airline Lufthansa said the Airbus plane experienced “clear turbulence,” a phenomenon that can occur without visible weather events. Also called CAT (Clear Air Turbulence), this phenomenon occurs when two masses of air moving at different speeds meet. It is explained by wind shear, in the absence of clouds, indicating from its side Meteo France.

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