I participate in the Science Festival 2023 – vert.eco

I participate in the Science Festival 2023 – vert.eco

Do science. The 32nd edition of the Science Festival kicked off on Friday in mainland France. The program of this national occasion includes ten days of various types of activities to promote scientific materials to the general public.

With the start of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in France next summer approaching, the organizers of the Science Festival have decided to make it the main theme of the 2023 edition. “Fueling the dialogue between science and society […] “Highlighting the contribution of researchers to improving the performance of athletes.”, Progressing Publishing site. In mainland France, the event runs from October 6 to 16, while abroad and internationally it will take place from November 10 to 27.

The Science Festival began in 1991 and is organized every year by the Ministry responsible for higher education and research. Its goal: to raise awareness among the general public about scientific practices and encourage exchange between researchers and citizens.

All activities offered are free. @ Science Festival

The Science Festival aims to be accessible to all ages, with a focus on school audiences. she Claims More than a million visitors each year, including 300,000 students, and around 5,000 events spread across mainland France, beyond and internationally. For the 2023 edition, more than 4,300 meetings are already listed on the website.

Exhibitions, streaming documentaries, laboratory visits, fun workshops: there is something for everyone. In the coming days we will present to you Escape game To thwart the spread Fake news Scientists in Paris Discussion meeting About the place of women in “men’s sports” in Lyon, or even Find out how radio waves work In Toulouse. The rich program for the 2023 edition Browse here. All activities are free, but registration is required.

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