“I learned at 4 a.m. that my flight had been canceled,” Ellos says.

“I learned at 4 a.m. that my flight had been canceled,” Ellos says.

If you are planning to travel this weekend, you will have to arrive early. Or give up on your projects. Plusieurs syndicats européens d’hôtesses et de stewards appellent à la grève le week-end prochain en France, Espagne, Belgique, Italie et au Portugal pour le paiement des heures supplémentaires et dénoncer la dégradation des conditions puélé de travaeil de travaeil Epidemic.

A social movement adds to another problem: After the Covid-19 crisis, airlines, such as Easyjet for example, are forced to cancel flights due to staff shortages. And some travelers are already facing these cancellations, even before the summer period.

>> A labor shortage in the aviation sector is “comparable to what happened in the restoration,” an air transport specialist estimates.

Like Eloise, who should have woken up in Budapest, on Friday, June 24th. But this long-planned weekend with friends in the Hungarian capital has come to an end. The 21-year-old student is still in Paris: her flight with British low-cost airline EasyJet was canceled just hours before departure.

I have a lot SeomI say it honestly! At around 4am I got an email telling me that my flight had been cancelled, even though it was supposed to leave at 1pm. I searched for tickets. There was nothing. I called EasyJet customer service and they told me they had a technical issue so they couldn’t find other flights for me. The problem is that I booked a stay, a return flight on another airline…so in the end, I had to cancel everything. We stay at home, what!Eloise regrets.

In total, he lost 200 euros, and there is no real explanation for his canceled flight. Although it seemed that the young woman was not alone in this situation in the face of the number of canceled or already delayed flights, in order to avoid crowding at the airports, she began to warn travelers.

Preventive cancellation to avoid chaos at major holiday departures. Guest on franceinfo, Friday 24 June, Christelle Oster, The president of the National Commercial Air Staff Association (SNPNC), which represents flight attendants and flight attendants for most airlines, also warned: “Strikes will be repeated and will continue throughout the summer if necessary“, Asks”Applying labor law and paying overtime“.

EasyJet indicates that a new reservation, transfer to another flight or refund will be offered to the respective passengers.

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