“I have a bad cold.”

“I have a bad cold.”

In an interview with the American ABC television channel, Joe Biden tried to reassure Americans about his health. The failed debate against Donald Trump? “A very bad cold”justifies the President of the United States who asserts that he was ” exhausted “.

As concerns mounted about his cognitive abilities, the president and White House candidate refused to undergo it. “Independent evaluation including neurological and cognitive testing and communication of results to the American public”On the pretext that he was already undergoing tests every day.

Within the Democratic camp, some are wondering: Is Joe Biden the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump? On Tuesday, July 2, a senior Democratic lawmaker called on the president to withdraw from the race for the White House: “I hope he will make the difficult and painful decision to step down,” he added. “I respectfully urge him to do so.”“Texas Lloyd Doggett wrote in a press release. “President Biden saved our democracy by ridding us of Trump in 2020. He must not hand us over to Trump in 2024.”he added.

When asked about potential distrust from his Democratic allies, Joe Biden declined to answer: “That won't happen”He confirmed.

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