“I am a soldier I know how to fight,” Mediapart questioned Herault’s deputy, Patricia Miralles, could file a complaint

“I am a soldier I know how to fight,” Mediapart questioned Herault’s deputy, Patricia Miralles, could file a complaint

Patricia Mirales does not rule out filing a complaint against Mediapart. In an investigation published this week, the online newspaper accused him of using money order fees to pay personal bills.

A little more than a month before the legislative elections, Patricia Miralles announced on her Twitter account, on Saturday, May 7, that Emmanuel Macron had renewed his confidence in the implementation of her project. She is a candidate for the presidential majority in Herault I. A few days ago, the deputy was involved in a Scan Mediapart Entitled: “Family Expense Reports by Representative Patricia Mirales”.

After a reaction in the regional press, including France 3 Occitanie, the deputy maintained her position and denied these accusations and does not rule out the possibility of filing a complaint.

Still on Twitter, she says she “Submit all documents“To her lawyer. Contacted by France 3 this Sunday, May 8, she clarifies that these last two are in the process of preparing”To study the possibilitiesIt specifies the possibility of character exit.In the week“.”I’m a soldier I know how to fightThe citizen confirms the reserve colonel in the 4th Equipment Regiment in Nîmes and the deputy chief of defense and armed forces.

I received a very fair education. Politics and righteousness are part of my upbringing. (…) I am a very simple person, I am very careful, I am very strict, I will prove it.

The representative can file a complaint in particular because she considers that the documents available to Mediapart have been stolen by her former collaborator “Private mailbox for gathering“.”I feel like I was raped because it’s a robbery, we got into my own lifeShe deplores. She adds:I’m keeping to myself to see what we’ll do because as an ex-collaborator we also have an ethics to have.“Furthermore, according to Patricia Miralles, the invoices in question refer to credit card payment but do not refer to credit card.”Except that I paid with my personal data“Emphasizes.

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I am very angry about my situation but I am very angry because two months before the elections we tried to question my integrity, we attacked my family, my son, my daughter, my husband and my team (…) we make headlines and ask people to pay for the article so that there is nothing in it!

For her, it is a ferocity against politics and parliamentarians in general: “We have to stop thinking that every time we get involved in politics we are dishonest.

touched in “honor“and in it”dignityintends to continue its campaign with the support ofLots of support“.

I deal with this campaign very calmly. I continue in the field, and I do not hide, I have a project and issues in the area that I will defend.

Let the best win!“Seals that confirms that”Don’t let it go, especially when it affects your dignity“.

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